What can I do to help?

How do you or your mates act when you see a woman walking down the street? What would you say if a nude image of a girl was being sent around the lads group chat? How would your friend react if the girl he was interested in had to push him away? Many of us may have seen or witnessed violence against women in our lives. Maybe you were unsure what to do or how to approach the situation at the time. But you can help now.

Identifying harmful behaviour is the first step in helping stop violence towards women and girls. It’s never easy to be the one to stand up and challenge inappropriate behaviour, but your words can have a huge impact on the way we treat women across Cambridgeshire and beyond. You can help stop this violence by calling out your mates when they’re in the wrong – however trivial it may seem.

Knowing what to do to help someone in crisis and knowing how you should act in difficult situations can also help stop the violence. Whether your mates have shouted vulgar names at a girl in the street or you’ve seen a guy being aggressive to a woman in a bar, this is never ok.

So, how can YOU help?