Step into Her Shoes

Do you know what it's like to worry about leaving the house? Do you feel nervous about going out on a run on your own? Have you ever had to modify your outfit for fear of someone taking things too far?

Our new video explores the harsh reality many women face on a daily basis. We invite you to put yourself into her shoes and try to understand how it often feels to be a woman, just going about her day. Watch the video here: 

If you want to help make Cambridgeshire a safer place, why not learn how to be an active bystander? We also have a campaign dedicated to empowering you to talk to your friend about their behaviour; find out more here. If you're not sure what is classed as violence, head here. Finally, we have a dedicated space for night-time violence, find out more here.

It's all of our responsibility to ensure that we create a safer environment for women and girls. Take a stand today and join the movement.