Red Flag Registry

Are you dating a guy who constantly compares you to his ex-girlfriend? Does your boyfriend go through your phone whilst you’re in the shower? Is your date judging you for how many people you’ve slept with?

These are all examples of red flags that many women and girls experience daily. We may laugh off some of these red flags as ‘normal behaviour’ but they can often contribute towards a culture of misogyny, harassment, and sexual violence, which can lead to more serious violent acts.

Our Red Flag Registry

  • Sexual harassment at work not being taken seriously

  • Love bombing you

  • Behaving badly towards you when you say you want to leave

  • When they don't take no for an answer

  • When they try to follow you

  • When men consider you weak because you're a woman

  • Gaslighting when you're telling him that something he does makes you feel uncomfortable

  • Men asking you for sex when you don't know them

  • When they say you can’t have male friends

  • Telling me what I can and can’t post on social media

  • Putting down ex-partners claiming they are crazy

  • Making false accusations against me in front of friends

  • Criticising my outfit

  • Saying women belong in the kitchen

  • Always talking down to me

  • Not letting me wear what I want on a night out

  • Telling me I look better in make up

  • Telling me I’m not giving them enough sex

  • Liking Andrew Tate

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Not quite sure what a red flag is?

A red flag is a sign when something's not right.

Whether you’re in a relationship or just getting to know someone, red flags are types of behaviour that make you feel uneasy or disrespected – often a gut feeling telling you to steer clear.

A red flag could be a one-off incident, such as an inappropriate comment, or a pattern of behaviour such as constantly referring to ex-partners as ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho’. Red flags can also be more violent and dangerous incidents – verbal and emotional abuse, possessiveness or anger issues.

Graphic that reads cat-calling, following her, and telling her to smile

Your red flags

We want to hear from you. Have you experienced an incident that made you feel uncomfortable from a guy you’re seeing or even a stranger? Perhaps your partner has displayed behaviour that makes you feel intimidated or ashamed? By sharing your own experience of red flag behaviour, we can help others identify when it is happening to them to avoid situations happening in the future.

Fill out our form below to add your own red flag experience to our registry. All posts are posted anonymously, so use this space to be honest and share with others. *

*Please note this is a moderated page. An admin must approve any entries onto this page. If there are duplications, your post may not be approved. Admins will ensure any spelling errors are corrected before this goes live on the page. Not every entry will be live, but we will endeavour to post as many as possible. This is a safe space for you to speak about your red flags without judgement.